Possible to Improve Vision Naturally


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Is it possible to improve your vision naturally ? Before we answer the question if it is possible to restore your eyesight naturally . Lets talk about a unique and completely irreplaceable part of our human body .

The Human Eye  The eye is one of the most complex organisms in the human body – second only to the brain. Despite being just over two centimetres in diameter, human eyes have over 2 million moving parts. They can distinguish over 500 shades of grey, and over 2.7 million colours.

The human eye can be compared to a camera which gathers, focuses, and transmits light through a lens to create an image of the environment. In a camera, the image is created on film; in the eye, the image is created on the retina, a thin layer of light sensitive cells at the back of the eye. The lens of the eye bends, or refracts, light that enters the eye.

The cornea, which is a clear, transparent covering in the front portion of the eyeanatomy also contributes to focusing light on the retina. Nerve fibers extending back from the retina’s nerve cells come together behind the retina to form the optic nerve, a “cable” of nerve fibers connecting the eye with the brain.

The optic nerve transmits messages about what we see from the eye to the brain. Like a camera, the human eye controls the amount of light that enters the eye through the lens under various lighting conditions.

Is it possible to improve your vision naturally?
Exercising your body makes it stronger.Your dentist tells you to brush your teeth to keep them healthy, but your eye doctor doesn’t tell you how to keep your eyes healthy.  So can exercising your eyes improve or restore your vision?
Some eye care professionals strongly believe that you will need glasses to correct your vision .They  believe that your need for glasses is based on the shape of your eye, the size of your pupil,and the ability to shift focus, which declines as we age .
Still, like many alternative remedies, natural vision improvement has supporters among some eye care professionals and their patients.




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